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The Path in the Woods

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My favorite month on Long Island is May. Every year it seems to pour and pour and pour at the end of April, only to leave the bark wet and the trees bursting with green when May comes.

This was my first and only visit to the Terrell River County Park — I had hoped it edged closer than it did to the spot in the river where I saw 11 egrets feeding once — but I was astounded by how large it was compared to how it looks. The trail eventually leads to a beautiful little beach.

The Path in the Woods
23 May 2008
Terrell River County Park, Center Moriches, NY

The Woods in Early Fall

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The same magical spot as seen in the Forest for the Trees, just a little bit earlier. It never fails to amaze me how much changes in a month. I’m sure when I go back next month (if it’s not too cold!) the leaves will be completely bare, the trees mere skeletons amidst the underbrush.

The Woods in Early Fall
23 September 2008
Quogue Wildlife Refuge, Quogue, NY

The Leaves in the Trees (for now, anyway)

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So it looks like fall is here in full swing, and it’s not going anywhere. We’re lucky here on Long Island to have missed that snowstorm that those upstate got hit with (snow! Three days before Halloween!).

For now, the leaves are turning their reds and golds, the air is crisp but bearable, and the sun is not yet setting at 4:30. So get out there, and enjoy it.

The Leaves in the Trees
20 October 2008
Quogue Wildlife Refuge, Quogue, NY

The Forest for the Trees

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This is one of my favorite places on the trail of the Quogue Wildlife. It’s simply one of those magical places where the light always seems to shine through the trees just right, no matter the season.

The Forest for the Trees
20 October 2008
Quogue Wildlife Refuge, Quogue, NY

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October 29, 2008 at 9:30 am