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The Egret Over the Water

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The Egret Over the Water
01 July 2010
Tiana, East Quogue, NY

Written by Allison Frost

May 26, 2011 at 4:48 pm

The Eyes on the Surface

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If this were a different locale, the pair of eyes would probably belong to a scarier creature — an alligator, perhaps, instead of a frog.

The Eyes on the Surface
19 April 2010
Quogue Wildlife Refuge, Quogue, NY

The Fiddlers in the Tide (Part III)

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The Fiddlers in the Tide (Part III)
17 August 2009
Mill Creek, Sag Harbor, NY

Written by Allison Frost

December 11, 2009 at 6:19 pm

Vacations Past: The Brown Pelican and His Stare

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At the Malibu Lagoon State Beach, there’s quite a lot of wildlife to see. Perhaps the most special is the Brown Pelican, a species that has been threatened by human activities. While D and I were there, there were dozens, perhaps hundreds, flying back and forth from the lagoon and the open sea. We sat on the beach where the ocean fed into the lagoon, I taking photos and he poking a stick at some unidentifiable organic matter he found floating in the water.

At one point, something in the lagoon startled them and they all took off, flying over our heads to the open sea, then back over our heads again to the lagoon to settle, at which point this guy looked down and seemed to stare right at us.

The Brown Pelican and His Stare
05 June 2008
Malibu Lagoon State Beach, Malibu, CA

Vacations Past: The Lotus in the Water

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Deep in the heart of Van Nuys, there lies an unexpected secret — the Japanese Gardens, hidden next to the Tillman Reclamation Plant. For only $3/person admission ($3!!!), you can stroll the grounds at your leisure, delighting in the architecture and rare plants. I think, though on this I can’t remember for certain, that they even offer a tea experience in their tea house, which is a welcome respite from the sun and the heat. One sort of strange thing — though parking is free, because you are next to a water reclamation plant there is a security guard before you enter the grounds, and he takes down the information of your driver’s license. Eep.

The Lotus in the Water
08 June 2008
Japanese Gardens, Van Nuys, CA

The Playful Penguin

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This penguin couldn’t get enough of hamming it up in front of my camera. Freaking adorable. There was a talk going on here at the penguin tank, too, but I was much too absorbed in his antics than listening to the talk. Dive again! Now swim to the others at the back of the tank! Now come back at the top of the water and gaze at us with one eye, you piratey penguin you! Arrrrr!

The Playful Penguin
18 August 2008
Mystic Aquarium, Mystic, CT

The Great Blue Heron in the Reeds

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One last, dead, big bird. Definitely a great blue heron, though it may be sort of hard to tell from the picture. I was curious as to its cause of death, being fairly well away from the water this group of reeds edged — closer to the water (a finger of Quantuck Bay) than the road, really. Had it been sick? Healthy? Wandered into the road and got struck by a car? Did someone fishing from the road accidentally get it somehow, or had someone intentionally killed it? The mystery still lingers…

The Great Blue Heron in the Reeds
25 April 2008
Quiogue, NY