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The Snowy Egret in the Speonk River

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A bicycle trip in the opposite of my normal direction yielded a sighting of a pair of little green herons (whose portraits did not turn out well), a kingfisher (also unlucky in his pictures) and a few egrets, the most photogenic of which was this snowy egret in the Speonk “River” (really mostly a stream).

(Mostly unrelated: in looking for more information about the Speonk River, I came across this article from the NY Times, dated 02 March 1896. What an interesting piece of history, and how lovely for the NY Times to make it available to anyone curious enough to read it!)

The Snowy Egret in the Speonk River
01 June 2009
Speonk River, Speonk, NY

The Giant Ducks of Kaler’s Pond

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Across the highway from the Terrell River County Park, there is Kaler’s Pond (AKA Mill Pond), a beautiful little park in its own right. (It’s host to a playground and the Audubon Center.)

These giants of ducks were spotted along the shore, sitting amidst seagulls and Canada geese. I suspect they are hybrids of two different species, as they were the size of the geese, but (mostly) the coloring of mallards (there were others not pictured here).

The Giant Ducks of Kaler’s Pond
Kahler’s Pond, East Moriches, NY

The Path in the Woods

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My favorite month on Long Island is May. Every year it seems to pour and pour and pour at the end of April, only to leave the bark wet and the trees bursting with green when May comes.

This was my first and only visit to the Terrell River County Park — I had hoped it edged closer than it did to the spot in the river where I saw 11 egrets feeding once — but I was astounded by how large it was compared to how it looks. The trail eventually leads to a beautiful little beach.

The Path in the Woods
23 May 2008
Terrell River County Park, Center Moriches, NY