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The First Post After a Long Hiatus

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So here I am, midway through May, posting for the first time since August. (Actually, it’s probably been longer, since the last scheduled-ahead-of-time post was in August.) Whoops.

The reasons for me not posting are many and boring; suffice it to say, I fell out of the habit. There were even a few months when I was not taking very many pictures — mostly towards the end of winter, when it rained on Every. Single. One. of my days off for two plus months. Thanks, Mother Nature!

But the return of spring and nicer weather has me dusting off my equipment. I’m out biking again, dodging the few folks to be found on Dune Road this early in the year. And I’ve got new equipment (which, regrettably, I’m still learning how to use) in my arsenal. Expect to see more macro shots, more insects and arachnids and tiny things less than a millimeter across. My obsession last summer turned out to be dragonflies, and I’m interested to see, now that I’ve got better equipment to photograph them with, if it will remain with them or translate to some other, smaller creature.

Written by Allison Frost

May 15, 2011 at 6:46 pm

The Dead Grasshopper

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At least, I’m pretty sure it was dead and not playing possum.

The Dead Grasshopper
02 September 2009
Tiana Beach (bay side), East Quogue, NY

The Wasp on the Window

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Okay, not a picture from around here. Give a gal a break, please.

I found this fellow looking in on my kitchen greenhouse window when I lived in L.A. He was just as curious about me as I was of him, and as (I feel) the best way to study a wasp is from behind glass (window or lens, take your pick), I took advantage.

The Wasp on the Window
16 November 2006
Sunland, CA

Written by Al

November 23, 2008 at 9:53 pm

The Cricket on the Curtain

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We get a lot of crickets in the house. Supposedly, that’s good luck. My mother loves to let them hop along in the basement, keeping her company as she does the wash. Occasionally, they follow her up to the kitchen. Not as often, they follow me from there up to my room (above the kitchen). This little fellow is the first one I’ve found alive up here (found plenty of cricket corpses, though!).

The Cricket on the Curtain
03 November 2008
Westhampton Beach, NY