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The Egret and the Fish

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This is one of my favorite pictures (out of the thousands that I have) of the egrets around here. Taken in late May, it shows the green lores around a great egret’s eyes that indicate breeding season has come (though I have seen green lores on egrets around here as early as April). I also love the action involved — watching a great egret hunt is always a special thrill.

The Egret and the Fish
23 May 2008
Westhampton Beach, NY

The Woodpecker in Wet, Wild Winter

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Okay, had to share this one the instant I got it up on Smugmug. We got about 10 inches of snow, all told, and during the second part of the snowing, I headed out with my camera because I saw birds still at the feeder. Well, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d see such a contortionist! This is the male counterpart to the Downy Woodpecker I posted a few days ago.

The Woodpecker in Wet, Wild Winter
02 March 2009
Quiogue, NY

The Egret in Autumn

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I haven’t posted any egrets in a while — soon it will be spring, and that will change. For now, an oldie but goodie.

The Egret in Autumn
12 October 2007
Quiogue, NY

The Wren on the Feeder

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At least I think it’s a Carolina wren. I’m not well versed in wrens, and actually had to go to the bird book to even id it as such — when it first appeared on the feeder, having chased away a chickadee (that it was only slighter larger than), I thought, What a strange looking bird. Hmm.

The Wren on the Feeder
24 February 2009
Quiogue, NY

The Woodpecker in the Wild

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This little girl is a Downy Woodpecker, a common sight around here. Much smaller than her cousin, the Red Bellied Woodpecker (also a common sight), I spied this one on a tree in my backyard. A male nearby was foraging at the feeder.

Fun Fact: Lure these fabulous birds to your own backyard with suet in your feeders — they love it!

The Woodpecker in the Wild
24 February 2009
Quiogue, NY

The Sky Over Cupsogue

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This dramatic sky swept over the dunes at Cupsogue.

(For those of you unfamiliar with the area, the dunes are the protected habitat of the piping plover — the fence is to keep people off of prime nesting ground. According to Wikipedia, the piping plover are a near threatened species, but I have a feeling that at least around here they’re threatened, as I’ve never managed to see one and they are crazy “protected” at every beach around.)

The Sky Over Cupsogue
09 February 2009
Cupsogue Beach, Westhampton, NY

The Seals in the Harbor (Part II)

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Like in Part I, not the greatest photo technically. But considering I came upon this moment by accident, I’ll take it. My focus was elsewhere on the group, and it was only until after I had taken the picture I realized this particular seal was playing and doing jumps.

The Seals in the Harbor (Part II)
02 February 2009
Westhampton Area, NY