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The Fallen Fence on the Pathway to Pike’s

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The Fallen Fence on the Pathway to Pike’s
16 March 2010
Pike’s Beach (bay), Westhampton, NY

The Sky Over the Dunes

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The Sky Over the Dunes
22 February 2010
Cupsogue Beach County Park, Westhampton Beach, NY

Against the Dunes

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Against the Dunes
09 February 2010
Cupsogue County Park, Westhampton Beach, NY

The Owl Behind the Fence

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The Owl Behind the Fence
12 March 2009
Quogue Wildlife Refuge, Quogue, NY

Written by Allison Frost

April 5, 2009 at 10:21 am

The Sparrow on the Fence

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It seems like snowstorms bring out a gazillion (<– scientific number right there) birds to the feeders. Well, it only makes sense. The more snow, the more a bird shivers. The more a bird shivers, the more energy it expends and needs to replace.

I particularly love the expression of this white throated sparrow — it looks as if any second he’s going to come pelting off the fence and do his best impression of a linebacker.

The Sparrow on the Fence
02 March 2009
Quiogue, NY

The Sky Over Cupsogue

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This dramatic sky swept over the dunes at Cupsogue.

(For those of you unfamiliar with the area, the dunes are the protected habitat of the piping plover — the fence is to keep people off of prime nesting ground. According to Wikipedia, the piping plover are a near threatened species, but I have a feeling that at least around here they’re threatened, as I’ve never managed to see one and they are crazy “protected” at every beach around.)

The Sky Over Cupsogue
09 February 2009
Cupsogue Beach, Westhampton, NY

The Bobcat Behind the Fence

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This is probably one of the best photos I’ve gotten of this bobcat. She’s extremely hard to photograph, mostly because there’s a chain link fence separating her from any observers, and she has been known to spray on visitors that get too close to the fence. Therefore, in order to protect yourself, you must stand as far away as possible (at least three feet).

The Bobcat Behind the Fence
02 February 2009
Quogue Wildlife Refuge, Quogue, NY