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The Egrets in the Shallows

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Man and nature, getting along.

I am sure that there are at least three egrets in the picture. The others look like they could be seagulls.

Written by Allison Frost

November 14, 2009 at 10:14 am

The Shoots in the Soil

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Spring is here! I know the calendar has said this for some time, but now nature agrees.

The daffodils and forsythia are all starting to bloom — the egrets and osprey are making their way back. Very soon the lilies will shoot from the ground as well, the yard will be filled with chipmunks in addition to the squirrels that have been our year long friends, and my allergies will be acting up like crazy. Glorious.

The Shoots in the Soil
07 April 2009
Quiogue, NY

Vacations Past: The Willet in the Sand

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Spend any time on the beaches of Santa Monica, and you’ll become real friendly with any amount of seagulls, pigeons, ground squirrels, and willets. Willets interest me the most of this group, as I’ve never really seen them on the shores of Long Island (though, that doesn’t really mean much — I’ve only just recently started looking!).

Perhaps some of my fascination with egrets gets transferred over to willets. Note the long legs and beak. Sure, willets don’t have the same neck, but those feet were made for wading (okay, I know you can’t see the willet’s feet in this picture, but go look it up and you’ll see what I mean)!

The Willet in the Sand
27 March 2008
Santa Monica, CA

The Path in the Woods

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My favorite month on Long Island is May. Every year it seems to pour and pour and pour at the end of April, only to leave the bark wet and the trees bursting with green when May comes.

This was my first and only visit to the Terrell River County Park — I had hoped it edged closer than it did to the spot in the river where I saw 11 egrets feeding once — but I was astounded by how large it was compared to how it looks. The trail eventually leads to a beautiful little beach.

The Path in the Woods
23 May 2008
Terrell River County Park, Center Moriches, NY

The Great and the Snowy

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After the snowy egret had landed, a great egret came cawing along, realizing the snowy was in prime feeding territory. The way the snowy egret flew away… yeesh. I thought I was going to be in for an egret brawl.

The Great and the Snowy
01 July 2008
Quiogue, NY

The Egret with the Fish

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If I’m not careful, you will all get sick very soon of my strange obsession with egrets. And it is an obsession. On a beautiful late spring/summer/early fall day, I will take my camera and go a-hunting at all the spots I’ve seen egrets before, and I will search and search and search until I find at least one, and then I will plunk myself down and take photographs until I run out of memory cards, run out of light, or until the wader flies away.

This particular guy was either very patient or very hungry, and let me stay close until I ran out of memory.

The Egret with the Fish
12 October 2007
Westhampton Beach, NY

Written by Al

November 1, 2008 at 9:29 am

The Snowy Egret in July

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The same Snowy Egret I discussed previously.

The Snowy Egret in July
19 July 2008
Westhampton Beach, NY

Written by Al

October 31, 2008 at 9:26 pm

The Green Heron in Flight

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I have to be honest here. I never in a million years expected to see one of these guys so close to home. I’d seen one, once before, on a trip to Huntington Gardens in Los Angeles, who was kind enough to pose for me while pretending to stalk a fish, but generally green herons are skittish and shy, keeping to the reeds and staying absolutely still.

So picture me surprised this past summer when not one but two little green herons flew out of the reeds close to the roadway where I not so cleverly hid. Hopefully it was a breeding pair! The above picture is not of that incident (I was a little too shocked, and the photos from that day came out unfocused), but of another day at the same pond when I was stalking a snowy egret, another wader I’d not seen as frequently as say, a great egret or great blue heron. The snowy egret, in his flight across the pond to another sheltered bit of reeds, startled this green heron into a flight of his own.

(Ah, but justice is sweet, for not ten minutes went by when a great egret came by and startled the snowy egret out of this favored spot of waders.)

The Green Heron in Flight
19 July 2008
Westhampton Beach, NY

The Egrets on the Stump

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June is a beautiful month on Long Island (I know it’s October, but I’m already dreaming of next year, okay?). In June, all the best shore birds make their home in the wetlands, including my personal favorite, the Great Egret. In this Quiogue creek, I’ve seen up to six commingling at a time, gracefully wading through the water and plucking fish to swallow whole.

In this particular instance, I happened upon two egrets and a Great Blue Heron. The herons around here (year round residents, so I have a special affinity for them, as well) seem to be a little more shy than their paler counterparts, and this one was no exception, flying away before I even processed that he was there. These egrets, however, stuck around, obliging me by posing on the nearest stump.

The Egrets on the Stump
19 June 2008
Quiogue, NY

Written by Al

October 30, 2008 at 10:34 pm