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The Spider’s Eyes

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Ahh, the first of hopefully many macro shots to come! Of course, I cheated a little and photographed a dead spider (which then served as inspiration to write a little horror story). But in the winter, there’s not too many bugs to be found that are willing to sit around and let me experiment with their pictures.

This is a stacked photo, which means it’s actually a composite of several (sorry, I don’t remember how many) images taken with several, slightly different focuses. With this picture, you can see I’m still learning how to use the stacking software (there is some haloing around the legs that gives it away). I’m also trying to figure out how to light a subject so small — you can see my ring light’s reflection in the spider’s dead eyes, and in the shiny bits of its legs. I think I need to find some way to diffuse the light a bit better. Either that, or break out GIMP and heal out the really obvious light points when I heal out the specks of dirt on my sensor.

The Spider’s Eyes
12 March 2011
Westhampton Beach, NY