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The Great Blue Heron in the Reeds

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One last, dead, big bird. Definitely a great blue heron, though it may be sort of hard to tell from the picture. I was curious as to its cause of death, being fairly well away from the water this group of reeds edged — closer to the water (a finger of Quantuck Bay) than the road, really. Had it been sick? Healthy? Wandered into the road and got struck by a car? Did someone fishing from the road accidentally get it somehow, or had someone intentionally killed it? The mystery still lingers…

The Great Blue Heron in the Reeds
25 April 2008
Quiogue, NY

The Egrets on the Stump

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June is a beautiful month on Long Island (I know it’s October, but I’m already dreaming of next year, okay?). In June, all the best shore birds make their home in the wetlands, including my personal favorite, the Great Egret. In this Quiogue creek, I’ve seen up to six commingling at a time, gracefully wading through the water and plucking fish to swallow whole.

In this particular instance, I happened upon two egrets and a Great Blue Heron. The herons around here (year round residents, so I have a special affinity for them, as well) seem to be a little more shy than their paler counterparts, and this one was no exception, flying away before I even processed that he was there. These egrets, however, stuck around, obliging me by posing on the nearest stump.

The Egrets on the Stump
19 June 2008
Quiogue, NY

Written by Al

October 30, 2008 at 10:34 pm