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The Leaves in the Trees (Part II)

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Who says you have to go upstate or to Vermont or New Hampshire to catch some great foliage? We have tons right here on Long Island (as the backs of many Long Islanders who have to rake can attest).

A visit to Wildwood State Park up on the North Shore (read: rocky beaches, the Long Island Sound instead of the Atlantic Ocean) yielded a few beautiful shots, including this tree lined camping ground.

The Leaves in the Trees (Part II)
03 November 2008
Wildwood State Park, New York

The Woods in Early Fall

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The same magical spot as seen in the Forest for the Trees, just a little bit earlier. It never fails to amaze me how much changes in a month. I’m sure when I go back next month (if it’s not too cold!) the leaves will be completely bare, the trees mere skeletons amidst the underbrush.

The Woods in Early Fall
23 September 2008
Quogue Wildlife Refuge, Quogue, NY

The Leaves in the Trees (for now, anyway)

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So it looks like fall is here in full swing, and it’s not going anywhere. We’re lucky here on Long Island to have missed that snowstorm that those upstate got hit with (snow! Three days before Halloween!).

For now, the leaves are turning their reds and golds, the air is crisp but bearable, and the sun is not yet setting at 4:30. So get out there, and enjoy it.

The Leaves in the Trees
20 October 2008
Quogue Wildlife Refuge, Quogue, NY