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Vacations Past: The Lizard in the Mud

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Another garden, another lizard! I found this guy working hard on his pushups, which is a way that lizards communicate with each other. I wonder what he was trying to say to me.

The Lizard in the Mud
24 March 2008
Huntington Gardens, San Marino, CA

Vacations Past: The Lizard on the Rock

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Confession time: when I was at school out in California, one of my favorite wildlife-related activities was to go watch the lizards. Watch ’em. Try and take a picture of them.

They were easy enough to find. A lizard here on the sidewalk, another one sunning himself carefree on a rock, ignorant of the dangers of tanning (can lizards get melanoma?). Oh yes, they were easy enough to find.

But upon hearing my careful footsteps, they would immediately vanish into nearby underbrush, peeking out from beneath the neat landscape. How they must have laughed (can lizards laugh?).

Eventually I learned the secrets to getting close enough to lizards to catch them (never my intention), those secrets that every little boy with empty pockets and fast fingers know and love from birth and that every little girl has to learn for herself. I would kick off the flip flops that were so endemic to the college experience in Southern California, no matter the weather, and tread, barefoot, upon the warm concrete. Slow movements. I also would walk backwards — as if, somehow, a lizard could distinguish between the front side of a human and the back, and, in its thought that I was walking away, be lulled to a sense of security.

Finally, victory! The lizard stays, eyeballing me, trying to suss out my intentions, just long enough for me to snap! get that photo.

The Lizard on the Rock
20 March 2008
Descanso Gardens, La Cañada Flintridge, CA