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The Butterfly and the Bee

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The Butterfly and the Bee

People ask me why I don’t like butterflies. Aside from an intense, visceral reaction (yes, I squeak and tense up and generally act like a six year old who’s spotted a monster underneath the bed), the only thing I can say is… well, look at it! That creepy thing is just sitting on the flower, chilling out, while behind it is a bee, something with a stinger that could impale the butterfly like Vlad Tepes’ victims. Yet the butterfly ignores the bee, and just sips at the flower with its longer-than-its-legs proboscis. That is bad ass.

Also, the thing could come flying at me any second. I ask you, how is a butterfly not creepy?

The Butterfly and the Bee
26 July 2010
Morton Wildlife Refuge, Sag Harbor, NY


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