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The Darner on the Hydrangea

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Also seemingly more abundant this year are the dragonflies. Perhaps I have never paid enough attention to these creatures in the past, but everywhere I look these days, I seem to find one or two.

For instance, this guy (Ajax Junius) was hanging out on the underside of a hydrangea. He stayed for probably a good forty-five minutes, allowing me time to run back for my camera, then to run back again for a different lens, then to run back a third time for my external flash. He was also a pretty good subject, posing with patience as I composed my shot. I wonder if it was the heat bearing down that he needed a break from, or if it was simply a good hiding spot from birds.

(In researching this particular critter, who may also be known as the Common Green Darner, I realized how one could get “dining needles” to apply to a dragonfly — the etymology had been bothering me since the post last summer. Darner –> Darning Needles –> Dining Needles.)

The Darner on the Hydrangea
05 July 2010
Quiogue, NY

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