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The Gull on the Rocks

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I am going to tentatively call this a Herring Gull — hard to say for sure because I did not see its wing tips clearly, and I am certainly not an expert on gulls (they’re more of a nuisance than anything out here). However there are several things that bother me about the id — the head and throat are speckled with dots (is this a winter plumage thing?), and in some of the pictures I can find the eye bits are not red (I can’t really tell what they’re supposed to be in my ID book, because the picture is so small).

Help from anyone who knows more about gulls than I do?

The Gull on the Rocks
09 February 2009
Moriches Inlet, NY

The Sea Lion at the Aquarium

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At Mystic again. This sea lion decided he had bored of the talk being given and wanted more food. Here he is, trying to shuffle his way to the hidden door from which his feeders emerge.

The Sea Lion at the Aquarium
18 August 2008
Mystic Aquarium, Mystic, CT

Written by Allison Frost

February 28, 2009 at 5:48 pm

The Wren on the Feeder

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At least I think it’s a Carolina wren. I’m not well versed in wrens, and actually had to go to the bird book to even id it as such — when it first appeared on the feeder, having chased away a chickadee (that it was only slighter larger than), I thought, What a strange looking bird. Hmm.

The Wren on the Feeder
24 February 2009
Quiogue, NY

The Squirrel at the Boardwalk

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This squirrel, like me, wants to join the circus. This squirrel, unlike me, is actually training for it.

The Squirrel at the Boardwalk
09 February 2009
Cupsogue Beach, Westhampton

The Woodpecker in the Wild

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This little girl is a Downy Woodpecker, a common sight around here. Much smaller than her cousin, the Red Bellied Woodpecker (also a common sight), I spied this one on a tree in my backyard. A male nearby was foraging at the feeder.

Fun Fact: Lure these fabulous birds to your own backyard with suet in your feeders — they love it!

The Woodpecker in the Wild
24 February 2009
Quiogue, NY

The Snow Monkey at Atlantis

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I remember the first time I saw the snow monkeys at Atlantis. “Snow monkeys? At an aquarium?!” It didn’t make too much sense to me. This was also at a time when Atlantis was still growing, and this was the only big exhibit outside — the only other exhibits were a “temple of doom” like building that children could explore, and a few reptiles and amphibians inside a separate, heated building.

It still doesn’t make much sense to me, but I do enjoy being able to see monkeys without having to travel very far, and I like knowing that they are very well taken care of by the staff at Atlantis.

The Snow Monkey at Atlantis
14 September 2007
Atlantis Marine World, Riverhead, NY

The Seals in the Harbor (Part IV)

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Again, not the best technically — but I was so focused on capturing the moment that I was not so focused on my camera settings. Oops!

Regardless, I was thrilled to see that I had indeed pressed the shutter at the correct time, as the seal itself was mostly just a big splash to my eye.

Part IPart IIPart III

The Seals in the Harbor (Part IV)
09 February 2009
Westhampton Area, NY