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The Green Heron in Flight

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I have to be honest here. I never in a million years expected to see one of these guys so close to home. I’d seen one, once before, on a trip to Huntington Gardens in Los Angeles, who was kind enough to pose for me while pretending to stalk a fish, but generally green herons are skittish and shy, keeping to the reeds and staying absolutely still.

So picture me surprised this past summer when not one but two little green herons flew out of the reeds close to the roadway where I not so cleverly hid. Hopefully it was a breeding pair! The above picture is not of that incident (I was a little too shocked, and the photos from that day came out unfocused), but of another day at the same pond when I was stalking a snowy egret, another wader I’d not seen as frequently as say, a great egret or great blue heron. The snowy egret, in his flight across the pond to another sheltered bit of reeds, startled this green heron into a flight of his own.

(Ah, but justice is sweet, for not ten minutes went by when a great egret came by and startled the snowy egret out of this favored spot of waders.)

The Green Heron in Flight
19 July 2008
Westhampton Beach, NY

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