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Happy Halloween!

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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Dress up? Free candy? Yes, ma’am! Gimme, gimme! Today if you swung by Main St around three or four, you likely noticed the swarms of princesses, hurricanes, goblins, and ghoulies that descended upon the businesses in the village proper. Hopefully you got some candy (or were one of the ones handing it out), and didn’t get trampled in the process. I think there was an even bigger crowd this year than last year, although it seemed there wasn’t really much of a parade — kids seemed to come from nowhere and then disappear again. (I did see a few coming back from seconds, thirds, and even fourths, although for the kids with the more unique costumes it was harder to do.) I myself was a flapper, and apparently there were several people who knew me but didn’t recognize me. Such is the life. (I dye my hair too much.)

Here’s hoping you a safe and happy Halloween!

The Pumpkins in the Hay
Quogue Wildlife Refuge, Quogue, NY
20 October 2008

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