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Vacations Past: The Heron Hunting (Part III)

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The little green heron with his prize!

Part IPart II

The Heron Hunting (Part III)
24 March 2008
Huntington Gardens, San Marino, CA

Vacations Past: The Heron Hunting (Part II)

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Part I.

The Heron Hunting (Part II)
24 March 2008
Huntington Gardens, San Marino, CA

Vacations Past: The Heron Hunting

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I spent probably half an hour watching this guy and taking his picture. I’m sure D thought I was nuts!

The Heron Hunting
24 March 2008
Huntington Gardens, San Marino, CA

Vacations Past: The Drake in the Grass

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This guy was just a very stereotypical California dude — laid back, just kind of hanging out, working his tan in the sun.

The Drake in the Grass
24 March 2008
Huntington Gardens, San Marino, CA

Vacations Past: The Lizard in the Mud

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Another garden, another lizard! I found this guy working hard on his pushups, which is a way that lizards communicate with each other. I wonder what he was trying to say to me.

The Lizard in the Mud
24 March 2008
Huntington Gardens, San Marino, CA

Vacations Past: The Brown Pelican and His Stare

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At the Malibu Lagoon State Beach, there’s quite a lot of wildlife to see. Perhaps the most special is the Brown Pelican, a species that has been threatened by human activities. While D and I were there, there were dozens, perhaps hundreds, flying back and forth from the lagoon and the open sea. We sat on the beach where the ocean fed into the lagoon, I taking photos and he poking a stick at some unidentifiable organic matter he found floating in the water.

At one point, something in the lagoon startled them and they all took off, flying over our heads to the open sea, then back over our heads again to the lagoon to settle, at which point this guy looked down and seemed to stare right at us.

The Brown Pelican and His Stare
05 June 2008
Malibu Lagoon State Beach, Malibu, CA

The Swan and his Wings

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So here’s the deal. If you ever see a swan coming at you who looks like this, you should not be a fool standing there taking its picture. Really.

Swans are probably the most aggressive bird, because it does have its size behind it.

As promised, here are some oldies but goodies:

The Seahorse in Silhouette
The Peacock on the Pavement
The Woodpecker in Wet, Wild Winter
The Duck Coming in for a Landing
The Seal in the Harbor

The Swan and his Wings
17 March 2009
Quogue Wildlife, NY

Vacations Past: The Koala in the Tree

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Wish I could say that I took this when I was in Australia, but at those times in my life I was not so good with a camera. No, this sleepy little marsupial was to be found at the Los Angeles Zoo, a great place to spend a whole day.

Little known fact: koala populations are threatened by all the usual suspects — habitat loss, hunters, and car collisions — as well as diseases like chlamydia. How to tell if a koala has chlamydia? Common signs are pink eye and a dirty tail/wet bottom (yeah, it’s as gross as it sounds).

The Koala in the Tree
24 March 2008
Los Angeles Zoo, Los Angeles, CA

Vacations Past: The Blackbird on the Beach

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Another noisy visitor from near the Santa Monica Pier.

The Blackbird on the Beach
27 March 2008
Santa Monica, CA

Vacations Past: The Lotus in the Water

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Deep in the heart of Van Nuys, there lies an unexpected secret — the Japanese Gardens, hidden next to the Tillman Reclamation Plant. For only $3/person admission ($3!!!), you can stroll the grounds at your leisure, delighting in the architecture and rare plants. I think, though on this I can’t remember for certain, that they even offer a tea experience in their tea house, which is a welcome respite from the sun and the heat. One sort of strange thing — though parking is free, because you are next to a water reclamation plant there is a security guard before you enter the grounds, and he takes down the information of your driver’s license. Eep.

The Lotus in the Water
08 June 2008
Japanese Gardens, Van Nuys, CA


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